Our platform

AJ Bell Investcentre is designed specifically for financial advisers. By providing outstanding service, a comprehensive investment range and smart tools at a fair price, we can help you look after your clients in the most time- and cost-efficient way possible.

Why us?

How we can help you

Whether your clients choose to save with us via our SIPP, Retirement Investment Account, Junior SIPP, ISA, JISA, LISA, GIA or offshore bond, we can help you save time, work more cost-efficiently and even mitigate some of the risks facing your business.

Time efficiency

Our suite of online tools is designed to help you with everything from placing bulk deals and creating model portfolios, to analysing the performance of your clients’ investments and rebalancing their portfolios.

We also offer a comprehensive range of investment options – because more freedom to access different investment opportunities from a single platform means less hassle for you as demand for different types of investments changes over time.

We can also make the administration process more efficient by integrating with your back office software to send valuation, transaction and adviser charging information directly to your system.

Cost efficiency

By reducing the number of hours you spend on administrative and procedural work, we free up more time for you to look after clients and build your business. But that’s not the only way we can help you work more cost-effectively.

The result is a service that is automated where it can be, personal where it should be.

As well as saving you time, our bulk dealing tools let you reduce costs by allowing you to manage all of your clients’ portfolios using a range of simplified dealing instructions to achieve greater economies of scale. And with greater automation comes a reduced risk of human error creeping in too.

Sometimes though, there’s no substitute for the personal touch, which is why we invest so much in our people. The result is a service that is automated where it can be, personal where it should be, but always delivered at a fair price.

How we go about it

We listen

AJ Bell Investcentre does not give financial advice because we believe that’s the adviser’s role. Instead we focus on working closely with advisers to deliver a platform that meets their needs and, by extension, those of their clients.

We understand

Our success thus far is down to the quality of our people. When AJ Bell started out it was an actuarial consultancy and bespoke SIPP and SSAS provider, and this high level of technical expertise still characterises our company to this day.

We’re independent

Another key advantage is our membership of the London Stock Exchange, which enables us to execute deals more efficiently than platforms that rely on outside trading houses.

We evolve

AJ Bell is a profitable company with no debt and a capital position that comfortably exceeds the FCA’s requirements. By reinvesting our profits we are able to make continuous technology improvements, such as re-platforming our technology solution to ensure we can accommodate our future growth ambitions.

How we know our model works

With over 262,000 customers and AUA of £48.3 billion, we have a profitable, sustainable business model.

Advisers and customers tell us it does

Each year we conduct an adviser survey which consistently reveals a high overall level of satisfaction with the work we do. And when we asked our customers to rate how well we meet their saving needs, 90% of them pegged us as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

Our awards success tells us it does

Independent reviewers recognise the strength of our proposition. Our excellent standing within the industry is also evidenced by an impressive and ever-expanding collection of awards.

Our balance sheet tells us it does

With over 262,000 customers and assets under administration of £48.3 billion we have demonstrated that we have a profitable, sustainable business model. Full details can be found on the financial performance page of the AJ Bell website. Just as importantly, we will continue to invest retained profit in the platform to ensure that it remains capable of satisfying the needs of you and your clients.