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A bird’s eye view of credit markets

As inflation falls and UK interest rates reach post-financial-crisis highs, fixed income assets are finally offering attractive returns. In light of this, our Head of Investment Research, Paul Angell, explains how investors can assess their options across credit markets, high yield funds, and investment grade bonds.

You’ll also gain insights into:

  • two risk factors affecting the prospective return profile of corporate bonds;
  • how credit risk compares in high yield funds;
  • how we’re exposed to high yield across our portfolio risk profiles; and
  • two active funds the Investments Team uses to access the credit markets.


Shanghai skyline

Is this the ‘year of the dragon’ for China?

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Keeping it neutral as high interest rates drive markets

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Volatility and inflation breed further uncertainty

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Don’t be too passive about passive investing

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Issues remain for index-linked gilts

Complementary whitepaper

Longer-term inflation expectations have fallen since the start of 2022, presenting challenges for those looking to buy index-linked gilts directly. We explore more of the questions around index-linked gilts, including analysis of:

  • passive and active funds and ETFs;
  • buying directly;
  • inflation expectations; and
  • problems at short maturity.


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Investment Outlook 2024

Complementary report

We gathered some of the UK’s leading investment professionals together and asked them what the year ahead has in store for markets. The answers can be found in our Investment Outlook 2024, which also features opinion and analysis on a range of topics, including:

  • the opportunities that lie in U.S. markets;
  • Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities;
  • avoiding short-term traps in European equities;
  • the long-term power of intangible assets; and
  • much more.


AJ Bell Funds and Managed Portfolio Service performance

Q1 2024 and James Flintoft

Q1 2024 – market and economic insight

Our Head of Investment Solutions, James Flintoft, looks at the performance of UK and global markets throughout the last quarter, and examines their impact on the AJ Bell Funds and MPS portfolios.

Read the full commentary for Q1 2024, including sections on:

  • the fixed income market;
  • the equities market;
  • the alternatives market; and
  • an updated outlook for 2024.


Key portfolio documents

AJ Bell Funds and Managed Portfolio Service quarterly reports

The latest Q1 2024 performance reports are in production and will be available for you to download soon. You can find portfolio performance and previous reports within our Funds and MPS area, here.

If you’re looking for more information on our AJ Bell Funds and MPS portfolios, such as adviser and client guides or FAQ documentation, view our full range of literature.

AJ Bell Funds quarterly reports

AJ Bell Funds quarterly reports

MPS quarterly report

MPS quarterly reports

Commitment to cost

Commitment to costs

Product performance

Product performance

Monthly factsheets - AJ Bell Funds

AJ Bell Funds factsheets

Monthly factsheets - MPS

MPS factsheets

Funds portfolios

AJ Bell Funds portfolios

MPS portfolios

MPS portfolios

Broaden your investment strategy in 2024

Whatever your clients’ needs are, we have investment options to suit them.

Fundamentals list preview


Following some rigorous research and in-depth meetings with underlying fund managers, the AJ Bell Investments Team has made a number of changes to the Fundamentals list in recent weeks.

In this Q4 2023 update you'll discover:

  • Details of the changes in Fundamentals
  • Meeting notes
  • Fundamentals reports
  • More news from the team


Strategic asset allocation

As we look forward to the year ahead, we’ve updated the asset allocation in our AJ Bell Funds and MPS to reflect the opportunities that exist.

Ryan Hughes on laptop

Strategic asset allocation – Q&A

Asset allocation brochure

Strategic asset allocation 2024 brochure

James Flintoft

Another year of flux

Upcoming events with the Investments Team

On the Road

'On the Road' spring tour

Our ‘On the Road’ tour brings expert speakers to cities across the UK, covering topics like the investment markets, regulation and technical issues.

Various locations

15 May - 13 June 2024

Off the road

Webinar – Bonds are back!

Join Investment Director Ryan Hughes as he explores the current risks and opportunities in investment markets, looks back at recent events, and predicts potential future movements.

Online webinar

25 April 2024

Investival 2024

Investival 2024

Investival is more than just an investment conference. It’s a place to learn from experts, lose yourself in great music, and relax with like-minded folks in an atmosphere like no other.


14 November 2024

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Let's talk investments

Our investment professionals and Business Development Managers are here to answer any queries you may have when building effective investment strategies for your clients.

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    Greg Morton

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    Kenny Boyd

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    Scotland and Northern Ireland
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    Matthew Jonas

    North East
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    Michael Teetsun

    South of the River Thames
    South East - South

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