Funds & Shares Service

As a member of the London Stock Exchange, we can offer your clients low-cost access to a comprehensive range of investment options, while giving you greater control over when you buy and sell their investments.

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Investment choice

The Funds & Shares Service is available through all our wrappers, and provides access to the Managed Portfolio Service and the AJ Bell Funds.

More than 4,000 unit trusts and OEICs
Exchange-traded Funds
Exchange-traded Commodities
Investment trusts
Government bonds
Corporate bonds
Permanent Interest Bearing Shares (PIBS)
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XO option

As well as giving us the freedom to respond quickly to your changing needs, the Funds & Shares Service gives us a sound foundation for keeping our charges low.

And if a client wants to manage some investments separately from those managed by yourself, our execution-only option allows you to facilitate that.


Order execution

You can find our Funds & Shares Service Order Execution Policy and other related information, such as quality reporting, by clicking below.


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