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Get on top of the key technical topics making an impact today. This month, we focus on transitional arrangements and certificates for pensions in a world without the LTA.

Transitional arrangements

Transitional arrangements and TTFACs

Our technical experts share their insights following HMRC's latest guidance, and announcements surrounding the new certificates, on our dedicated transitional arrangements page.

You can learn more about:

  • transitional tax-free amount certificates and what they mean;
  • frequently asked questions;
  • client scenarios and who could benefit from a TTFAC; and
  • potential actions for advisers.


Off the Road

On-demand webinar

Transitional arrangements and certificates for pensions

Our Senior Technical Consultant, Lisa Webster, looks at the transitional arrangements for those clients who accessed their pension under the lifetime allowance regime.


TTFAC guide

Complementary adviser guide

Transitional arrangements and transitional tax-free amount certificates

A brand-new adviser guide that will help you to understand the transitional arrangements now that the LTA has been abolished, and the complexities of the TTFAC.

Download the guide to learn about:

  • the standard transitional calculation;
  • transitional tax-free amount certificates (TTFACs);
  • example client scenarios, and who should apply for a TTFAC;
  • calculations where protection is held;
  • pre-commencement pensions; and
  • applying for a TTFAC.


New pension rules

A new pension era is upon us now that the lifetime allowance has been abolished. We’ve compiled a range of resources to support you through the new landscape.

Testing benefits guide

Complementary adviser guide

Testing pension benefits

Understand the likely impact of the LSA and LSDBA on your clients, and the best ways to manage benefits in light of the new pension rules.

The guide covers:

  • how benefits are tested in the member's lifetime;
  • how benefits are tested, and taxed, on death;
  • general pensions;
  • example scenarios; and
  • key planning points.
Woman on laptop next to red fence

Be careful what you apply for

Person in red coat walking along rocky beach

New regime uncertainties remain

Two men reading a map sat on top of a mountain

TTFAC – proceed with caution

red and white lighthouse surrounded by grass

Would it be possible to reintroduce the LTA?

What’s new in Tech Zone?

Keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing regulatory and legislative landscape, with the help of our technical experts.

Couple walking under red umbrellas

Estate Planning with ISAs

Red lighthouse at dusk

What happens when legislation differs from guidance

Woman in red jumper watering plants

The FCA wants improvements to retirement advice

Big Ben in the background

Spring Budget 2024 recap

Access our huge archive of technical articles, literature and insights on our Infocentre


Bitesize Technical

Delve into our range of short videos on key technical challenges that are designed to be easily digestible.

  • Bitesize technical logo employer contributions

    Employer contributions

    In this short video with Senior Technical Consultant Lisa Webster, you’ll learn how employer contributions are a tax-efficient way to remunerate employees.

    Lisa will discuss:

    • where employer contributions can be paid;
    • how employers receive tax relief;
    • an explanation of the ‘wholly and exclusively’ rule;
    • salary sacrifice; and
    • annual allowance and employer contributions.



  • Bitesize technical logo third-party

    Third-party contributions

    Senior Technical Consultant, Joshua Croft, takes us through the rules around third-party contributions in Bitesize form.

    Key highlights in the video include:

    • who could make a third-party contribution;
    • who receives tax relief on the contribution;
    • the limits on third-party contributions; and
    • if third-party contributions can be made for non-earners.



  • Bitesize technical logo net pay

    Net pay contributions

    Senior Technical Consultant, Lisa Webster, delivers key worked examples on net pay as a method of providing tax relief on employee pension contributions.

    Key points covered in the video include:

    • which pension schemes can use net pay;
    • how tax relief is given under net pay;
    • advantages for higher and additional rate earners; and
    • how net pay differs from salary sacrifice.



  • Relief at source

    Relief at source

    Understand how relief at source works in practice as part of our Bitesize Technical series with Senior Technical Consultant, Lisa Webster.

    As well as worked examples based on client scenarios, Lisa discusses:

    • the tax relief the pension scheme will claim under relief at source;
    • the tax relief that can be claimed by clients who pay more than 20% tax;
    • whether non-taxpaying clients get tax relief on contributions; and
    • how much clients can contribute and receive tax relief.



  • Bitesize Technical

    Personal pension contributions

    Senior Technical Consultant, Lisa Webster takes us through key points about personal pension contributions for your clients.

    Key points covered in the Bitesize Technical video and article include:

    • who can make personal pension contributions;
    • who qualifies as a relevant UK individual;
    • how much clients can contribute and still receive pension tax relief; and
    • three types of relevant UK earnings.



  • Camera

    View more technical videos

    Hungry for more technical video insights from our team of experts? Head on over to Infocentre to view more of our technical videos on demand.

    Additional topics covered by our Technical Team include:

    • SIPP vs SSAS
    • Powers of attorney
    • Annual allowance
    • Consumer Duty
    • And lots more…



Technical guides

Technical guide preview

All our technical guides in one place

To keep you up to date with the latest industry changes, we’ve pulled together all our technical guides in one easily-accessible location.

You can find guides on a range of topics, including:

  • pension contributions;
  • pension benefits;
  • general pensions;
  • ISAs; and
  • many more.


Upcoming technical events

Off the road

Off the Road – Transitional arrangements and certificates for pensions

Our highly-anticipated webinar on transitional arrangements and certificates for pensions from 6 April 2024 is now available to watch on-demand.

On-demand webinar


On the Road

'On the Road' spring tour

Our ‘On the Road’ tour brings expert speakers to cities across the UK, to cover a variety of topics – including investment markets, regulation and technical issues.

Various locations

15 May - 13 June 2024

Off the Road

Off the Road webinar – ISA rules 2024

Join Senior Technical Consultant, Joshua Croft, for a technical summary on the new rules of ISAs and what they could mean for you and your clients.

10am - 10:45am

30 May 2024


Events Hub

View our calendar of engaging, informative sessions that have been created to help you get in the know.

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