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AJ Bell Investcentre is an online investment platform, designed to help your financial adviser invest your money as cost-efficiently as possible. In this section of the site you can learn more about the products we offer, and also get some valuable information on financial planning.

SIPP, Retirement Investment Account, ISA and GIA in one place 

AJ Bell Investcentre is one of the UK’s largest investment platforms. An investment platform is rather like an online shop, where your adviser can buy shares and funds on your behalf, and put them in different baskets – a SIPP, a Retirement Investment Account, an ISA and a General Investment Account.

A smarter way to invest

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As well as being a convenient, cost-efficient way to make investments, our platform also provides a range of online tools to help your adviser manage your portfolio more efficiently. And if they – or you – ever need any assistance, we have trained support staff who have helped us win several awards for the quality of our service.

Stronger relationships

By allowing your adviser to view and manage all your different investments in one place, with clever tools and great service on hand when they need it, we free up more of their time to focus on the most important part of their job – building a strong relationship and providing advice to you.

Accessing your account

As an online investment platform, AJ Bell Investcentre makes it easy for you to log in to your accounts 24/7 via your PC or an app, which you can download on your Apple (iOS) or Android mobile and tablet devices. Click here for more information.