Vulnerable customers

We know that everyone faces challenges and setbacks at some point in their lives. From living with a disability, to coping with grief or battling a mental health problem, there are all sorts of reasons why somebody’s ability to make sound decisions about their finances could be impaired. At AJ Bell we are always aware that we may have customers facing these challenges, and we work hard to provide them with all the additional support they need in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

If you have a friend or family member who has an account with us and you think they may be struggling with any of the issues below, or if you feel that you yourself may need extra support, please tell a member of our Client Service Team. There are people within our team who are trained to identify particular customer needs, and address them in the most appropriate way.

Mental health conditions

We have a number of trained specialists internally who are able to implement support processes for customers who have mental health conditions.

Visual impairment

As soon as we are notified that a customer has a visual impairment we can provide literature that meets their requirements. This includes literature that is printed in large type or in braille.

Inherited vulnerability

Some customers may ‘inherit’ accounts which they do not have the required knowledge or experience to manage, for example taking ownership of an account due to a family bereavement.

If you need support and help from a qualified adviser but don’t yet have one please read our Importance of advice page for more information.

Financial difficulties

We always aim to detect customers who are experiencing financial difficulty, and encourage them to discuss the situation with their financial adviser. We can also provide guidance and details of debt counselling agencies if necessary.

The need for a financial adviser

If a customer no longer has a financial adviser they may struggle to understand their accounts, their investments or the investment strategy for their accounts.

In these circumstances we will send the customer letters which explain the options open to them, and any potential fee increases they may face as a result of not having a financial adviser. A member of our Client Relations Team will also be available to talk the customer through their options, and the various processes they need to understand.