This page outlines some of the main tools available to you on the platform. For a more detailed picture of how our platform is evolving, and how we plan to help you work more efficiently and manage risk in the future, please visit our platform enhancements page.

Capital Gains Tax tool

Our Capital Gains Tax tool allows you to analyse the Capital Gains Tax liabilities in your clients’ GIAs based on ‘actual’ and ‘what if’ scenarios. Editable book costs mean you can ensure that calculations are accurate, and you can also view line-by-line data on gains and losses for each client’s portfolio.

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Cash management tools

When managing your clients’ Funds & Shares Service accounts, it is important to know what cash is available, and how much is needed to cover any required income, product charges and your own adviser charges. To help you out we have created a suite of cash management tools that allow you to:

  • View an at-a-glance summary of transactions in and out of your clients’ accounts in the ‘Cash flow’ section, including overdue transactions which have not been processed due to insufficient funds.
  • Filter your client list to find who is in benefits and, of those, who is at risk of missing an income payment due to insufficient funds.
  • Create one-off and regular cash movements for SIPP and Retirement Investment Account accounts to transfer available money between the pension's cash account and the Funds & Shares Service cash account, or vice versa.
  • Regularly invest on your clients' behalf via our SIPP, Retirement Investment Account, ISA, JISA, LISA or GIA on a monthly basis, without incurring dealing charges.
  • Create and manage regular disinvestments to make cash available. Regular disinvestments can be made on an individual basis (stock-by-stock) or a proportionate basis (across the whole portfolio of eligible assets).

Investment analysis tools

Portfolio x-ray tool – lets you quickly analyse the asset allocation, stock sectors and underlying holdings that make up a portfolio.

Investment performance tool – allows you to analyse and generate reports on the performance of a client’s account or portfolio over a selected period, against a selected benchmark.

Bulk Dealing and Model Portfolio Service

Our Bulk Dealing and Model Portfolio Service lets you manage your clients’ portfolios more efficiently by ‘bulking’ together individual client instructions, and also creating model portfolios that can be rebalanced when you want to, within the tolerances that you set.

Auto or ad-hoc rebalancing makes it easy to bring a client’s portfolio back in line with any model portfolio you have created.

Regular Investment Service

The Regular Investment Service allows you to invest on your clients' behalf via our SIPP, Retirement Investment Account, ISA, JISA, LISA or GIA on a monthly basis, without incurring any dealing charges.

The process is simple - once you have set up a regular investment we will automatically make the purchase for you on the same day every month.

Regular investment is only possible via the Funds & Shares Service, but it still gives access to a wide range of funds, plus any FTSE 350 share, selected ETFs, ETCs and investment trusts.

You should read the terms and conditions and the key features of the product receiving the regular investments before you make any decision on behalf of your client.