AJ Bell On the Road tour 2018

We are delighted to announce details of our Autumn seminar tour, which will visit eight cities over seven days between 10 and 25 September.

Our in-house experts and spokespeople have analysed the latest Retirement Outcomes Review paper and will be looking at how this could affect you and your clients.

We are looking forward to welcoming back our old faithful supporters, as well as any new advisers who are yet to experience an AJ Bell Investcentre ‘On the Road’ tour.

Where possible, we will be providing either a lunch or afternoon networking session to close each day – please refer to the relevant agenda for the specific speaker line-up and timings.

Topics covered will include:

Generating sustainable income for retirement in a rising interest rate environment

Ryan Hughes
Head of Active Portfolios, AJ Bell

Ryan Hughes looks at the move from accumulation to decumulation, incorporating some of the findings from the FCA’s Retirement Outcome Review, before considering various different approaches to generating income, and assessing how sustainable these might be.

Income vs decumulation

Kevin Doran
Chief Investment Officer, AJ Bell

With the FCA looking at introducing the concept of default investment pathways to the non-advised market, we take a look at what this means for the advice community, and whether the investment industry has created the necessary tools for advisers to deliver decumulation safely and effectively for clients.

Technical update

Lisa Webster
Technical Resources Consultant, AJ Bell

Lisa will take a look at the changes that could impact advised clients following the Retirement Outcomes Review, and what it all means for advisers. She will also examine issues with ill health transfers, the latest pension IHT matters, and what constitutes ill health in the context of pensions.

What does the FCA platforms market study mean for financial advisers?

Tom Selby
Senior Analyst, AJ Bell

The FCA’s latest market study took a deep dive into UK platforms to assess how well they are delivering value for money for investors. In this session, AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst, Tom Selby, runs through the headline points from the study and considers the key lessons for advisers and clients.

Market update and the 2018 outlook

Russ Mould
Investment Director, AJ Bell

Investment Director Russ Mould looks at the key economic and market themes that could influence portfolio performance for the remainder of 2018.

Platform update by your Business Development Manager

Your regional Business Development Manager will deliver a short update on everything that’s new with AJ Bell Investcentre, its products and investment solutions.

All sessions count as CPD time.

Register using the ‘secure your spot’ buttons below for your chosen city.

Tour dates


Monday 10 September
Registration at 9.30am
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Monday 17 September
Registration at 8.30am
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Monday 17 September
Registration at 2pm
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Tuesday 18 September
Registration at 2pm
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Wednesday 19 September
Registration at 2pm
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Thursday 20 September
Registration at 2pm
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Friday 21 September
Registration at 11am
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Tuesday 25 September
Registration at 2pm
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Contact details

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Events Manager
0161 876 2818

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