AJ Bell Passive funds giveaway

We don’t believe in surprises. That’s why our AJ Bell Passive funds’ annual charge is capped at 0.5% (OCF)*. To celebrate, we’re giving away some unsurprising gifts – just enter your details below to be in with a chance of winning them all.

Terms and conditions apply.

*Full details of the capped annual charge are outlined in the Key Investor Information Document for each fund.

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With this gift you’ll never get caught in a downpour again. It seems to be a gigantic satellite dish, so you can watch weather forecasts from all over the world and always keep one step ahead of the rain.

Sorry, no gift today. Sometimes disappointments are inevitable, but with the AJ Bell Passive funds we’ve certainly tried our hardest to deliver a good return for whatever level of risk your client is comfortable with.

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This appears to be a bottle of bubble bath and a plant pot - not two gifts you’d normally put together. Hmmm. On second thoughts, it might not be a plant pot. But that’s definitely a bottle of bubbles...

Ah, no gift. Well, life’s a rollercoaster – which is why the AJ Bell Passive funds are built around a highly diversified portfolio of assets. That way you get a smoother investment journey with smaller peaks and troughs.

Unfortunately, it’s another ‘no gift’ day. Looks like you can’t always get something for nothing. You can, however, invest in an AJ Bell Passive fund safe in the knowledge that the annual charge won’t exceed 0.5%.

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Now this one’s obvious - look at those ears! It’s the perfect gift for a little kid at Christmas because, deep down, every child wants their own statue of Prince Charles. (Or should that be Edward ..?)

There’s no free gift today because we’re keeping an eye on costs – just like we do with our AJ Bell Passive funds. By focusing on long-term investing we ensure that transaction costs in our funds are always as low as possible.

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This looks like a steering wheel – which, on its own, is a pretty useless gift. So what the heck is it then? It’s enough to drive you round the bend. Or possibly even an entire track full of bends...

Alas, no gift lurks behind today’s door. If you feel like fate is being unkind, take matters into your own hands and investigate the AJ Bell Passive funds. We can’t guarantee riches, but we can promise an expertly run, keenly priced fund.

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General knowledge question: what comes in a big box and includes a variety of cheese-shaped wedges, but isn’t a game of Trivial Pursuits? If you don’t know, you can choose to pass...us the crackers.

Too bad – there’s no gift today. If you still want to get your hands on a neatly packaged, carefully crafted bundle of loveliness, just click here and check out the AJ Bell Passive funds. You won’t be disappointed.

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This is either a dinosaur’s egg or a hint that the gift has something to do with rugby. The only other clue we can give you is that it’s not a dinosaur’s egg.

For professional advisers only.