AJ Bell Passive funds

Designed to deliver consistent risk outcomes, this range of five multi-asset funds gives you confidence that your clients’ wealth is in safe hands. Furthermore, by focusing on passive investment strategies, it also offers a clear, transparent, low-cost approach to investing that ensures more of your clients’ money is working harder to help achieve their financial goals.

Key benefits:

  • Actively targeting risk to avoid unnecessary surprises
  • Long-term asset allocation approach to filter out short-term noise
  • Diversification through a global multi-asset approach
  • A focus on passive investments, keeping costs low and with the annual charge capped at 0.5% (OCF)*
  • The Funds & Shares Service custody charge will be waived on investments in the funds until January 2019**
  • Managed by an experienced investment team to give you peace of mind

*Full details of the capped annual charge are outlined in the Key Investor Information Document for each fund.

**From January 2019 the custody charge outlined in our charges and rates document will apply as normal.

A focus on risk management

Partnering with Dynamic Planner – a market leader in risk profiling tools, we ensure that each of the funds delivers a defined level of risk, making it as easy as possible for you to select the right solution for your clients.

And by considering risk on a forward looking basis we believe our funds can take a consistent approach over time. The funds outlined below are mapped to Distribution Technology’s Dynamic Planner gold badge risk ratings. As a result, investors putting money into our funds can be sure that the risk level of their chosen fund will stay in line with their expectations over time. While this may sound intuitive, many funds do not have such a focus on risk management, meaning the risks that an investor faces can change dramatically over time – increasing the chances of a nasty shock.

Long-term thinking

In a world that seems to be increasingly focused on short-term results, we take the view that long-term thinking is critical when it comes to investing. To embed this long-term approach into the heart of these funds, our investment process is built upon our cornerstones of risk-first, long-term investing with a valuation driven approach. In so doing, we have been able to ensure that the funds have a consistent and robust core that differentiates the market news from the noise.

Available now

The AJ Bell Passive funds are available to use with your clients, through their SIPP, ISA and GIA via the Funds & Shares Service. For more details please read our adviser brochure and client brochure. There is no minimum investment amount, and the funds are designed to suit a wide range of client scenarios.

The value of investments can go down as well as up and your client may not get back their original investment.

AJ Bell Passive funds literature

Adviser Brochure Client Brochure AJ Bell Passive Funds Prospectus KIID Packs FM Mapping

MPS 1 Factsheet MPS 3 Factsheet KIID Packs MPS 2 Factsheet User Guide

AJ Bell Passive funds Due Diligence FAQ

For details of the investment philosophy and the team behind the
AJ Bell Passive funds, take a look at our AJ Bell Passive funds due diligence FAQ document.

AJ Bell Passive funds quarterly report

This quarterly report gives an update on what has happened to the funds over the last three months, looking at the impact of macro-economic events and also highlighting any changes that we made during the quarter.


If you're considering using the AJ Bell Passive funds, or just want more information, a member of our Business Development Team will be happy to answer all of your questions. Simply fill out our form.

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