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AJ Bell Passive funds

Designed to deliver consistent risk outcomes, this range of multi-asset funds gives you confidence that your clients’ wealth is being well managed. And by focusing on passive investment strategies, it also offers a clear, transparent, low-cost approach to investing that ensures more of your clients’ money is working harder to help achieve their financial goals.

Benefits of the funds

  • A wide range of risk-targeted funds mapped to the leading risk profiling tool providers.
  • A low-cost passive investment approach with an annual management charge of just 0.15% and an OCF that is capped at 0.35% p.a.*
  • Transparent disclosure of the fund OCF and other costs.
  • Diversification through a global multi-asset approach with tactical asset allocation overlays to avoid overpriced assets.
  • Managed by an experienced investment team to give you peace of mind.

* Full details of the capped annual charge are outlined in the Key Investor Information Document for each fund.

If you are unsure whether your client’s needs would be best served by the AJ Bell Passive funds range or our Managed Portfolio Service, take a look at our comparison.

AJ Bell Passive funds or Managed Portfolio Service


The value of investments can go down as well as up and your client may not get back their original investment.

AJ Bell Passive funds

The AJ Bell Passive funds range is designed to give investors a suite of multi-asset, passively implemented funds that target varying degrees of capital growth and volatility, in alignment with a chosen client risk profile. The funds’ exposures are based on a long-term strategic asset allocation framework with a tactical asset allocation overlay, to ensure that their outcomes are always aligned with the defined characteristics prescribed by the risk rating.

The AJ Bell Global Growth fund is designed to give investors exposure to the businesses that will benefit from future global growth, today. It does this via allocations to developing investment themes and trends that the team believes will drive global economic growth over the long term. This includes (but is not limited to) areas such as Emerging Markets, technology, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and alternative energy.

A focus on risk management

To ensure that each of the funds delivers a defined level of risk, we have partnered with Dynamic Planner. As a market leader in risk profiling tools, Dynamic Planner helps us make it as easy as possible for you to select the right solution for your clients.

By considering risk on a forward-looking basis, we believe our funds can take a consistent approach over time. As a result, investors can be sure that the risk level of their chosen fund will stay in line with their expectations year after year. While this may sound intuitive, many funds do not have such a focus on risk management, meaning the risks that an investor faces can change dramatically over time – increasing the chances of a nasty shock.

Long-term thinking

In a world that seems to be increasingly focused on short-term results, we take the view that long-term thinking is critical when it comes to investing. That’s why our investment process is built upon our cornerstones of risk-first, long-term investing with a valuation-driven approach. This allows us to focus on positioning the funds for secular changes in the economy, rather than short-term trends.

Available now

The AJ Bell Passive funds are available to use with your clients, through their SIPP, ISA and GIA via the Funds & Shares Service. For more details, please read our adviser guide and client guide. There is no minimum investment amount, and the funds are designed to suit a wide range of client scenarios.

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