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AJ Bell Income funds

Looking for multi-asset funds that also aim to pay a competitive level of income? Not a problem. Both our income fund options target a 4%* yield and can be held across SIPP, ISA, JISA, LISA and General Investment Accounts.
With income paid monthly, both funds benefit from the AJ Bell committment on costs, and an asset management fee of just 0.15% p.a.
*The target yields are not guaranteed and can fluctuate.

Benefits of the funds

  • A duo of multi-asset income options, both targeting a 4% annual yield. Paid out monthly.
  • The AJ Bell Income fund targets 4% income and medium-term capital protection.
  • The AJ Bell Income & Growth fund aims for a 4% income from 'real' assets to allow the capital to grow over time.
  • Managed through a blend of passive and active fund strategies.
  • Simple, transparent disclosure of portfolios and OCFs.
  • All backed by our ongoing commitment to choice, costs and communication.

The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up. Full details of the fund-specific risks are available in the fund prospectus and Key Investor Information Document.

Long-term thinking

In a world that seems to be increasingly focused on short-term results, we take the view that long-term thinking is critical when it comes to investing. That’s why our investment process is built upon the cornerstones of risk-first, long-term investing with a valuation-driven approach. This allows us to focus on positioning the funds for secular changes in the economy, rather than short-term trends. We manage these funds with a five-year horizon, and recommend that investors adopt a similar approach.

AJ Bell Income fund

Built largely upon fixed income assets from around the globe, the AJ Bell Income fund aims to deliver its target yield of 4% from a portfolio of largely government and corporate bonds. As well as making the income generated in the fund more predictable, the focus on fixed income also brings with it the prospect of capital stability over time.

AJ Bell Income & Growth fund

As a rare income fund with no bond exposure, the AJ Bell Income & Growth fund builds its yield of 4% from a portfolio of 'real' assets such as property and equities. This should allow the fund to grow capital and income over time in line with inflation, albeit at the expense of bigger fluctuations in value from day to day.

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