Built for professionals

During its first 12 years of business our platform was called Sippcentre. Today we are known as AJ Bell Investcentre, and though the name has changed our raison d’être remains the same - our platform has been built by professionals, for professionals. If a customer wants a SIPP, ISA, JISA, or GIA with us, they have to come through a registered adviser first.

The result is a platform where everything is geared towards your role as a professional adviser.


What makes us different?

Our proposition is built around low costs, extensive investment choice and excellent online functionality. The aim is to make it as simple and cost-effective as possible for you to tailor the optimum investment strategy for any given client scenario.

We can offer all this because we have our own stockbroker, and because we enjoy the financial strength that comes from being part of AJ Bell - one of the largest providers of online investment platforms and stockbroker services in the UK.